Product Details

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus is ideal for use when working in environments where fire and smoke, toxic gases or a lack of oxygen are present. It provides high level of performance, highly capable & reasonable price.

Main components:

•Protect 2000 Plug-in type full face mask conforming to IS 14166
•Lung Demand Valve
•Pressure Reducer
•High pressure Gauge with Warning Whistle Unit
•Back plate
•Harness Assembly
•Valved Cylinder

Full Face Mask
Full face mask is of superior quality EPDM with sealing flaps, five point harness, wide view replaceable visor, speech diaphragm, self-demisting facility, inhalation and exhalation valves, Special easy-to-click Plug-in connector compatible with Lung Demand valve.

Carrying System
The carrying system is ergonomically designed to follow the contours of the back, ensuring equal weight distribution of the apparatus on the hips, therefore reducing the risk of back strain & fatigue. The back plate is constructed of a tough fire resistant, antistatic, chemical impact resistant thermoplastic. The harness consists of flame retardant webbing, with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt. Moulded handles on the backplate provide greater manageability when transporting the set.

Lung Demand Valves
First-breath-activated positive pressure Lung Demand Valves are of a Tilt valve mechanism or balanced piston design (optional).This provides a stable air supply with low breathing resistance which is extremely silent. The cover provides added impact protection and is easy to service, clean and disinfect. Both Lung Demand Valves feature a centrally positioned, easily-to-locate, positive pressure 'switch off' push button.
The carrying system incorporates an adjustable cylinder strap, which accommodate cylinders of all sizes from 4.7 to 13.6 litres capacity. The cylinder strap can also accommodate a twin pack cylinder arrangement as an option. No special tools or procedures required for adjustment, due to the secure, proven cam-lock mechanism.
Pneumatic Design
The high performance balanced first stage reducer can be used with 200 or 300 bar cylinders and provides excellent flow characteristics using a small, lightweight reducer body. It incorporates a unique, safety pressure relief valve that permits easy connection of accessories.

Warning Whistle and Pressure Gauge
It comes complete with medium pressure operated warning whistle, which provides a low pressure warning in excess of 90 dB and is consistent down to 10 bar. The whistle warning unit assembly is fully integrated into the Luminescent gauge / hose.

1. Steel Cylinder (6 liter/300 bar)- Working duration Approx 45 min
2. Carbon Composite Fiber Cylinder (6.8 liter/300 bar)- Working duration Approx 52 min
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