Product Details

Breath Alcohol Analyzer

Breath Alcohol Analyzer is a microprocessor based handheld instruments, which measures the blood alcohol content in a person who has consumed alcohol. It is done by measuring the breath alcohol content and relating it to the blood alcohol content. 
When the breath sample is delivered, the software checks the moderate blow of breath sample continuously for 5 seconds and then the instruments draws approximately 200 µl of breath into the fuel cell by means of a pump in 200 miliseconds.
The instrument is calibrated on mg/100ml or BAC scale. The BAC unit defines blood alcohol content in terms of grams of alcohol in 100ml of Blood, for example: 0.05BAC means 0.05 grams of alcohol in 100ml of blood. With DOT MATRIX  Printer
Complete with: Carrying case, 20 Nos Mouth pieces, Data logging Cable, Charger User Manual and Calibration certificate.  

Gas Related Specifications
Gas Detected Breath Alcohol
Concentration Range 0 – 500 mg / 100 ml of blood 
Resolution 1 mg / 100 ml of blood
Detection Principle Electro Chemical  Sensor
Accuracy +/- 5 mg/100 ml at 100 mg/100ml
Active Sampling By actively blowing through specially designed mouthpiece
(Blow pipe)
In-built pressure sensor should give visual indication of
inadequate breath sample
Passive Sampling
Blowing over the sensor or exposing the sensor to breath of involuntary subject without using the mouthpiece
Display & Indicator Specifications
Display Backlit LCD Display 
  LEDs to indicate status of Power
  Clear indication should be given by means of Red LED and
audible buzzer for Positive Result for easy understanding
of the user
Function Keys For Setting, Calibration, Test and Download
Electronics Microprocessor based instrument with Real Time Clock and
in-built Datalogger
Sampling Time Within 3 seconds
Recovery time If negative results,recovery time -5 seconds, If positive results, recovery time  -30 seconds.
Connectivity Serial Communication
Data Logging Data logging facility for minimum 3000 samples in its
non volatile in built memory
  Should record test result with date and time
Printer Dot Matrix Printer with built in rechargeable battery capable
of at least 300 printout with a single charge
Power Source Rechargeable Li Ion battery
Test Report
  Should print Instrument serial no., last calibration date,
est date and time, Alcohol Content and Result – negative or positive.
Any other details as required by the Dept. should be
incorporated in the printout.
Report Format Customization Test Report should be customizable as per
Dept.’s requirements , LIKE the top line of the print
out should indicate “DRUNKEN DRIVING CHALLAN “ ETC.
Physical Specifications
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50 deg C
Operating Pressure Ambient +/- 10%
Enclosure ABS
Weight 500 g or less
Dimensions Hand held, Compact
Calibration (Mandatory)        
  Instrument should be calibrated using traceable gas standards. Calibration unit is to be shown to this office along with demo
and calibration is required every 4 months by the supplier
Standard Accessories supplied with the Instrument Carrying Case,
Battery Charger for Printer and Analyzer,
Mouthpieces 20 numbers
printer paper rolls
PC Data Transfer Cable