Product Details

Headspace Oxygen Analyzer

The Headspace Oxygen Analyzer is a battery operated, portable analyzer used for the measurement of residual oxygen in gas-flushed (CAP/MAP) food packages. The analyzer uses a syringe needle sampling assembly to pierce the package and draw a sample into the analyzer for Oxygen measurement.
Portable, battery operated device.
Inbuilt sampling pump.
Easy to operate and maintain.

Measurement Principle Electrochemical.
Measurement range 0.0 to 100 % Oxygen
Resolution 0.1 % Oxygen
Detection Limit 0.1 %
Accuracy +/- 1%
Physical Dimensions 175*95*40 (mm), Weight- 450 gms
Power Li-ion rechargeable battery
Sample Pump Diaphragm pump
Sampling assembly Probe with needle, PTFE tubing


Food Processing Industries 
FMCG product manufacturer (Food or snacks)