Product Details

Quality Assurance Plan

1.Physical and Chemical batch testing of the major
components from Govt. approved laboratory.
2.Ultrasonic test of Shaft.
3.Accurate machining of the pump with dimension
4.Hydraulic pressure test of the casing as per IS
5120/ HIS/ API 610
5.Static & Dynamic balancing of Impeller

6.Dynamic balancing ISO 1940 grade 6.3 and 2.5
Performance test of pump are conducted as per
ISO 5120/ ISO 9137/ API 610 to prove head,
discharge, power, efficiency and NPSHR of
7.Noise test as per IS 12065 and vibration test as
per IS 12075
8.Surface finish and painting of the pump.
9.DP test/Radiography and other test are also
performed as per requirement for

10.Strip test .
11.Unitization check.