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Portable Gas Detector

Portable Gas Detector is a simple and compact instrument, designed to protect personnel from the hazards of toxic and combustible gases. A certified and affordable solution ideal for a wide range of applications.It is available in single gas monitor as well as multi gas monitor. In multi gas monitor it measures upto 4 gases simultaneously.
In Multi Gas Detector it will detect LEL,O2,H2S,CO simultaneously.


High specificity to gas of concern.
Long sensor life.
Quick response.
Continuous display of the gas concentration reading.
Built-in audible and visual alarms.
Easy to read LCD display.


Carbon Monoxide, Flammable, O2, Bromine, Chlorine, Diborane, Formaldehyde, H2, HCL, Carbon disulphide, HCN, HF, Hydrazine, Hydrogen Sulphide, NH3, NO2, Vinyl Chloride, Ethyl  Mercaptan, Phosphine, Sulpher dioxide, Ammonia, Silane, Phosgene, VOC.
Flamable Catalytic Bead Detector / Non Dispersive InfraRed Detector (NDIR)
Toxic & O2 Electrochemical
VOC       Photo  ionization Detector (PID)
Accuracy Inherently +/- 2% (but also depends on the accuracy of the calibration gas & method)
Sampling Diffusion
Display 3½ Digit LCD Display with low battery display
Hi & Lo Alarm View Keys To view the alarm set-points
Electronic Alarm 85 db Audio Alarm, Visual LEDs
Power Source One 9V replaceable alkaline battery
Battery life Approx. 100 hrs
Operating Temperature Range 0 to +50 °C
Operating Pressure Ambient +/- 10%
Enclosure ABS
Weight 230 grams
Standard Accessories Carrying Case & Screw driver
Dimension H × W × D: 175 × 85 × 30 mm
Certification Intrinsic Safety (By CMRI Dhanbad)- EEx ia IIB T4


Confined Spaces
Occupational Safety & Health
Oil & Gas
Petrochemical Plants
Process Control
Research Laboratories