Product Details

SO2 Stack Gas Monitor

SO2 Monitor uses fluorescence technique and is a very sensitive and specific method for detection of SO2. The optical excitation of SO2 molecules results in fluorescence in the wavelength region typically between 240-420 nm and the fluorescence intensity is related to SO2 concentration. The dependence of fluorescence intensity on moisture content,
hydrocarbons, etc. are avoided by using suitable techniques which makes the analysis independent of these parameters.

Measurement Method  Optical Fluorescence
Measuring Range  0-100 / 0-1000 / 0-2000 ppm
Data Display   Large OLED display with unit selection (ppm or mg/m3)
Lower Detection Limit  1 ppm
Resolution  1 ppm
Linearity Error  <1%
Sample Flow  800mL/min
Communication Port  RS-232 / RS-485 & USB
Current Output  4-20 mA
Analog -Digital I/O  DB 15 F Socket
Data logging  Supports Internal data logging
Operation Temperature  5℃ - 40℃
Dimensions (cm)  42 x16.2 x 61.2 (w x h x d)
Power  230 VAC
  • Highly specific to SO2 gas – Interferences are avoided
  • Highly sensitive technique for SO2 measurement
  • Comes with moisture and hydrocarbon removal system
  • Inbuilt zero air generator for instrument zeroing
  • Auto calibration with calibration gas cylinders
  • Data communication through USB, Ethernet, RS232 & RS485

  • Continuous Emissions Monitoring
  • Combustion efficiency
  • Vehicle emission
  • Personal safety
  • Mobile Van / laboratory