Product Details

Gas detector tubes

The  precision gas detector tube system consists of two parts viz. 1) the Gas Detector Tube & 2) Air Sampling Pump.
Detector Tube is a glass tube filled with gas specific sensing chemical & sealed at both ends. The tube indicates the target gas concentration directly on the scale printed on the detector tube.
Available for NH3, H2S, SO2, CL2, PH3, HCL, HCN, CO, CO2, O2, C6H6, alcohols, amines, mercaptans and 120 other gases and vapors with over 200 ranges.

  •  Efficient and spot check of toxic gas concentration at work place at specified  intervals.
  •  No requirement of complicated accessories.
  •  No requirement of specialist to operate.
  •  It is pre calibrated and requires minimum maintenance Specific to target gas.
  •  Available for most of the industrial toxic gases and organic vapours.

  •  Petrochemical & Refineries
  •  Pharmaceutical
  •  Chemical & Fertilizer
  •  Fumigation
  •  Food Industry
  •  Pulp & Paper Mills Industries
  •  Power & Steel Plants
  •  Municipal Corporations
  •  Environmental monitoring agencies and many more