Product Details

Online Effluent Quality Monitoring System

The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) of India has issued directions for installation of online effluent water quality monitoring systems to measure and report BOD, COD, Cr, TSS, pH and Flow. These water quality systems will monitor discharges of pollutants from various industries into the receiving waterways. Through this direction, the online effluent water quality systems will ensure the level of organic pollution complies with the stipulated norms in order to prevent deterioration of water quality in the Ganga River and its tributaries.

In this regard we provide the complete system including data transmission as per CPCB guideline. In addition the regulated parameters for online monitoring like BOD, COD, TSS, pH, Flow our sensors are also able to measure Ammonia, As, AOx, TOC, DOC, DO, Turbidity, and Colour.

Our systems are capable of getting installed via sampling mechanism where we draw the sample into the analyzing station by pump and has automatic chemical cleaning mechanism.

Key Features

  • GPRS based solution, no need of laying communication cables.
  • Cloud based solution, does not require software installation.
  • UV-VIS Spectrophotometry method is used.
  • Monitors PH, Flow.
  • Monitors TSS ( Total Suspended Solid).
  • Monitors BOD ( Biological Oxygen Demand).
  • Monitors COD ( Chemical Oxygen Demand).
  • Keeps automatic record of above parameters.
  • Alarms over email and SMS.
  • Alarm history and reset reports.
  • Manage all your effluent treatment plants on a single platform form anywhere.
  • Access the field data anytime anywhere, from laptop, mobile etc by log in to the server.
  • Read the CPCB guidelines here